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That’s right everyone.  In the process of creating this site, Dick and I threw around a few ideas and we are excited to announce that we are going to post all the old Ralph of the Vampires cartoon strips.  Dick has also said that he may get going on drawing some new ones.  Most of the long-time fans (back when issues 1-3 were released) will remember Ralph made an appearance in those issues.  Well, to shamelessly steal from a well known movie….


Ralph has risen from the grave!



Introduction by Richard Klemensen

I was excited when my son Tom suggested we run Ralph cartoons on the website.  I’ve done little drawing over the years, what with family, work and just a lack of time.  But I had always enjoyed drawing Ralph and Hawthorne and mulled ideas for them over the years.  This is an introduction I wrote to my strip back in 1974 that tells you a bit about the history and genesis:


“My little friend Ralph and his alter-ego, Hawthorne, came into being in 1969 as I was searching for a way to assert my identity in fandom.  Hector Pessina and Gary Parfitt, received the first two drawings ever.  A fanzine called EXILE also ran a drawing that had a rough relative of his.  But I continued to work on and develop his character and overall show more character and emotions.  Hawthorne also grew in stature and underwent a name change (from Art).  Greg Shoemaker ran some older Ralph’s in an issue of THE JAPANESE FANTASY FILM JOURNAL. (these will appear on the website).  A different series of Ralph were done while in college.”


I don’t know if I will ever pick up the pen and ink again, but I always thought Ralph had a future somewhere.  Maybe, now, in cyberspace!!




Of course, there are always those who would rather not have the lovable vampyre running around. 

We have taken the liberty to compile a list of those who despise lovable vampyres and his friends.  Beware, for they are a mixed and somewhat idiotic crew…


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