“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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My grandfather.

This is me with my grandfather, Christian (Chris) Klemensen in 1963.  I was 15.  I admired him so; he came over, alone, as a teenager from Denmark at the turn of the century – worked three jobs to support my grandmother and 5 kids during the depression.  Lost his oldest son to blood poisoning during the depression because of no money and no insurance.  He once dug out the basement of his house by hand with a shovel.  This was a real man.




Colin Cowie and Margaret Robinson

 With Colin Cowie and Margaret (Mrs. Bernard) Robinson at her home in 1999.  Look at the Hammer wall paper.


Margaret Borst, Gary Dorst and Ron Borst.

Bray Days 2 (1999) Margaret Borst, Gary Dorst and Ron Borst


Dick’s Diet

What my oldest son Tom called “Dick’s diet”.  Waterloo and our Forest Ave home – mid 80s.


Mrs. Gary Parfitt, Fred Kellogg, Gary Parfitt and Gary Dorst.

At my long time buddies Bath, England home – Mrs. Gary Parfitt, Fred Kellogg.  I’m on Gary Parfitt’s lap (well lubed with Brandy) and Gary Dorst.  1999.


Alan Schlockoff

At the Paris, France offices of L’ECRAN FANTASTIQUE editor and long time friend Alain Schlockoff – 1999.


Yvonne Monlaur

Going over LSoH #14 with Yvonne Monlaur at Bray Days 2 – 1999.


Veronica Carlson

Bray Days 2 (1999) Talking with my friend Veronica Carlson (middle her sister and her son.


Grandpa and Grandma Klemensen

(1965) with (left to right) my sister Kristine, Grandpa Chris, brother Terry, my Grandmother Leona and me.


My Father

My father Harold was an athlete and powerful swimmer in his youth.  This is Clear Lake, Iowa in the mid 1940s.



Pics 121-124


Pics 11-20