“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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Robbing the Cradle

The pensive cute little girl in the checkered skirt is a very young Nancy in the early 1970s.  Little blond haired boy next to her is her brother Donnie.  Pretty lady in the dark dress looking down is her mother, Phyllis.


Ton Paans

A great pal, Ton Paans with his wife, Ruthie.  They are now proud parents.  And Ton is a greay guy!


I Remain the Lucky Guy

And I remain a lucky guy, with Barbara Shelley at Fanex.


Yvonne Monlaur

We meet the wonderful Yvonne Monlaur at Fanex.  With Bob Sargent, Kevin Flynn and Neil Vokes.



Pics 111-120


Pics 1-10