“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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Harry Robinson

Meeting the late Hammer composer at his home in 1994 – the great Harry Robinson.


Bray Studios

Colin “the king of rock’n’roll” Cowie and I on the back of Bray Studios.  Those French windows that figured in many a Hammer like REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUMMY, etc.


Terence Fisher

With Terence Fisher and his wife, Morag – Horror Elite Con 1977.  He is the only film person I ever really wanted to meet.  I had my dream.


Michael Carreras

Michael Carreras at his desk at Hammer House at Pinewood Studios, 1977.


The New Married Gal

The talented Jessie Lilley, one of the founders of SCARLET STREET, with the Klem at Fanex.


Ray Harryhausen

Meeting one of my idols, Ray Harryhausen at Fanex.


John Agar

Another 50’s guy I really wanted to meet.  John Agar with his wife at the Famous Monster Con in Washington, D.C.


Don Mingaye

Big handshake with Don Mingaye, set designer who worked with Bernard Robinson for many years as well as designing Hammer films of his own (DRACULA A.D. 1972) Horror Elite 1977.


Lucky Guy

Lucky guy with the sweet Pam Murray in my lap with old buddy Doug at the Famous Monster Convention 1993.


Nancy and Mom

Nancy with my mother at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.



Pics 101-110


Pics 121-124