“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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Christopher Lee

My one and only brief meeting with Christopher Lee at a Fanex in Washington, D.C.


Lucky Guy

White haired me (thanks to a coat of paint every 5 weeks, I don’t look quite so old anymore).  With Caroline Munro and two guardians from her fan club.


At Fanex

Sue and Colin Cowie.  Me holding Jack, the little one of Bob and Shannon Tinnell (on the right).  And the always present Gary Dorst.


A Fanex Convention

Jimmy Sangster of Hammer was in the front row watching and heckling.  Tom Johnson (on the left) must have guessed his own age.  Don’t know the fellow next.  Then Wayne Kinsey of THE HOUSE THAT HAMMER BUILT, Sue and Colin Cowie.


Bob Sheridan

My old buddy and long time Hammer writer, Bob Sheridan and his wife Amelia, in Los Angeles.


Frank Godwin

Me with Frank Godwin, producer of DEMONS OF THE MIND for Hammer in 1971.  At the Old Hammeronian luncheon for Michael Carreras.


Michael Carreras

With Josephine and Michael Carreras and Denis Meikle.  Taken in 1994.  Sadly Michael died three weeks later, but he was triumphant.  He was able to make this last gathering of his friends.


Tribute to Michael

All of us “old Hammeronians” signed this to Michael Carreras at the luncheon.  Some wonderful valuable signatures there.


Pinewood Studios

At Pinewood Studios in 1994, at their outback tank where many a scene was shot.


Black Park

In Black Park behind Pinewood Studios.  This is where Yvonne Romain went in the water during THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF.



Pics 91-100


Pics 111-120