“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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♥♥ True Love ♥♥

What happens when you find the love of your life.  October 19, 2001 – Our wedding day.


Ralph Clements

With R. Darwin Clements, Better known as Ralph Clements.  One of my oldest and dearest friends and the source of “Ralph” in my Ralph of the Vampyres cartoons.  He lives too far away in the Carolinas.


When I’m Glad to be Me!

The guys at the steak house almost broke their necks swiveling around when Nancy walked in with this leather skirt.


My Friends (& babe J)

How does Nancy put up with my friends.  Neil Vokes, Bob Sargent, the babe, and Gary Dorst.


At the Movies??

Gary Svehla’s wonderful viewing theater.  Nancy and I with old bud Neil Vokes.  And that is John Saxon in the back directly behind us.


Nancy & John Saxon

Are they both smiling because John Saxon tried to elbow Nancy’s Chest?


How to Clear a Room

Let the Klem “lecture” on Hammer films and LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS at a Fanex.


Bray Days 1999

Tony Meadows and the late great Harry Nadler, both the men behind The Manchester Convention, along with Gil Lane Young.


Julie Ege

Meeting Julie Ege at Bray Days 1999, on the Bray Studios lawn with the Thames flowing by in the background.


Andree Melly & Oscar Quitak

With Andree Melly and her husband, Oscar Quitak (THE BRIDES OF DRACULA meets THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN)



Pics 81-90


Pics 101-110