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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #45


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Front Cover

By William Stout



Back Cover

By Dan Gallagher jr.


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Inside Front Cover

By BRUX (David Brooks)



Inside Back Cover

By Ron Lizorty



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      In 1957, after the massive world-wide success of Hammer Film's THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, all the major film companies wanted to get their hands on the follow up. In this case - THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Columbia Pictures won the bidding battle and were given what may be the best of all the Hammer Frankenstein series. Wonderfully acted by Peter Cushing. Brilliantly directed by Terence Fisher. From a witty, biting script by Jimmy Sangster. It was Hammer at its height with the beginning of their golden era.





v 'I Will Have My Revenge. They Will Never Be Rid of Me!'

  The Making of THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  


v 'This Creature Walks On the Earth.'

  In depth study of the production of one of the best 1970's horror films - THE CREEPING FLESH - by John Hamilton.  


v Interview With Annette Whiteley

  Conducted by Dr. Adrian Smith.  


v The Hammer Diaries of Christopher Wicking - Part 3 (1975)

  Edited by Mitchel Wicking.  


Plus - A History of Horror Film Fanzines - Magick Theatre and...


All our regular features - Letters to LSoH - Ralph's One-and-Only Traveling Reviews Company - Hammer News.



Front Cover by William Stout

Back Cover by Dan Gallagher jr.

Inside Front Covers by BRUX (David Brooks)

Inside Back Cover by Ron Lizorty


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