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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #43



Front Cover

By Paul Watts



Back Cover

By Lee Copeland



Inside Front Cover

By Dan Gallagher jr.



Inside Back Cover

By Stewart McKissick



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      Filmed in 1967 by British Tigon Productions, The Blood Beast Terror was called by Peter Cushing the worst film he ever appeared in. But how can you not like a Death's Head Vampire moth — played by the gorgeous Wanda Ventham (of Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter and UFO fame). It is silly, colorful and eminently enjoyable.

Plus, we go in-depth on the follow up film to last issue's Village of the Damned. This time, the very intelligent - and topical - Children of the Damned.





v A History of Horror Film Fanzines — The Monster Times

  From 1972 to 1976 - a very hip, colorful (and well written) tabloid newspaper that initially came out every two weeks. The men who created and designed it - Larry Brill and Les Waldstein - cut their design teeth on the early sex tabloid - screw!  


v 'Beware the Eyes That Paralyze!' — They Come to Conquer the World!

  The Making of Children of the Damned by Anthony McKay.  


v 'They'll Never Believe This At the Yard.' — 'They'll Never Believe It Anywhere!'

  The Making of The Blood Beast Terror by John Hamilton.  


v Director Vernon Sewell — 'Regret Nothing'

  Interview conducted by John Hamilton. The director of the Blood Beast Terror, Curse of the Crimson Altar/The Crimson Cult and 1972's Burke & Hare.  


v All our regular features are back — Letters to LSoH - Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Reviews Company - Hammer News


v Lots of original artwork and Rare Photos!  



Front Cover by Paul Watts

Back Cover by Lee Copeland

Inside Front Cover by Dan Gallagher jr.

Inside Back Cover by Stewart McKissick


  100 Pages


The Best Classic British Horror Film Coverage Since 1972



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