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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #41



Front Cover

By Jeff Preston



Back Cover

By William Stout



Inside Front Cover

By Neil D Vokes



Inside Back Cover

By Paul Watts


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By Jeff Preston


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       Hammer Films had a huge hit when One Million Years B.C. was released in 1966. Sir James Carreras says "give me another one like that!" Out came the wonderfully colorful followup with well coifed cave people and Jim Danforth's Academy Award nominated Stop Motion Animation effects!





v When Danforth Ruled the Earth — The Making of Hammer's Second Dinosaur Epic By Mark Wolf.


v Interview with Victoria Vetri — "Sanna" By Michael Augustine Reed.


v Interview with Robin Hawdon — By Richard Klemensen.


v Interview with 1st Assistant Director John Stoneman — By Richard Klemensen.


v Hammer's Unmade Zeppelin v Pterodactyls Raiders of the Stone Ring takes to the sky! — By Ross Plesset (research by Chris Endicott)


v Pauline Peart — The Satanic Rites of Dracula Vampire interviewed By Michael Augustine Reed


v Part 2 of the history of Castle of Frankenstein Magazine.




Front Cover by Jeff Preston

Back Cover by William Stout

Inside Front Cover by Neil D Vokes

Inside Back Cover by Paul Watts



The Best Hammer Coverage Since 1972



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