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by Richard Klemensen

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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #31


Front Cover

by Steve Karchin


Back Cover

By Mark Maddox



Inside Front Cover (censored)

by Paul Watts




 We have an interesting balance of films we are covering in this issue, with lots of inside information, great stories, and photos!



Featuring –

¨     Hammer 1971 DEMONS OF THE MIND.

A truly original story that was hardly distributed in the UK or the USA, but was thought provoking, beautifully photographed and acted.  Not a classic but one of Hammer better films of the 1970s.  y Bruce G. Hallenbeck.


- Interviews with

¨     Frank Godwin (Producer) by Denis Meikle

¨     Peter Sykes (Director) by Jonathan Sothcott

¨     Robert Hardy (Baron Zorn) by David Taylor

¨     Shane Briant (Emil) by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

¨     Virginia Wetherell (Inge) by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

¨     Peter Sykes after Hammer by David Taylor


¨     No Laughing Matter –

The Making of TROG.  It is one of those “so awful it is fun to watch” films, produced by Herman Cohen, directed by Freddie Francis and Starring Joan Crawford and Michael Gough.  The whole behind-the-scenes story by John Hamilton.


¨     The Making and Censorship of William Castle’s

THE OLD DARK HOUSE (Hammer 1961): Columbia Pictures combined their two horror super stars – William Castle and Hammer – for their one and only film together.  By Tim Rogerson.


¨     Another in our series of “A History of Horror Film Fanzines”… CINEFANTASTIQUE

“Citizen Clarke” by Tim Lucas

“CFQ British Correspondent” by Chris Knight.


¨     All our regular Features –

“Fools Rush In…!” (Editorial by the Famous Klem), Letters to LSoH, Ralph’s One-and-Only Traveling Reviews Company, and Hammer News!




Front Cover by Steve Karchin – inside cover by Paul Watts –    Back Cover by Mark Maddox.


Lots of original artwork and rare photos!


100 pages.


*** This is a reprint of the original issue. ***


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