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by Richard Klemensen

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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #29


Front Cover

by Jeff Preston


Back Cover

by Mark Maddox


Inside Front Cover

by Dean Ormston

Inside Back Cover

by Paul Watts



 “2011 was the Vincentennial for Vincent Price and LSoH celebrates with the most complete coverage ever on his two Dr. Phibes films – THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES and DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN.  With in-depth interviews with all the key figures – in front of and behind the camera – the kind of coverage you have come to expect from LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS these last 40 years.”



Featuring –

¨     108 Pages!


¨     Special introductions and interviews, exclusive to LSoH, with Tim Burton and Frank Darabont about Vincent Price and Dr. Phibes.


¨     “The Kind of Fiend That Wins – the Making of THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES” – by Justin Humphreys – massive production history, with special sidebar features by Lem Kitaj, David Taylor, Alan Wightman, Sam Irvin, Derek Botelho and Dennis Lynch.


¨     Vulnavia #1 – “Not Introducing Virginia North” – by David Taylor.


¨     Abandoning the Obvious – The Brilliant Life and Art of Brian Eatwell by Justin Humphreys.


¨     A Date With Dr. Phibes – by Denis Meikle.


¨     The Unphilmed Phibes – From “The Fingers of Dr. Pibe” to Somewhere over the Rainbow  by David Taylor and Sam Irvin.


¨     Dr. Phibes Regrets: He Is Unable to Lunch Today..Madam! Vincent Price by David DelValle.


¨     “The Stings in the Tale!” – The Making of DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN by Bruce G. Hallenbeck with sidebar by Fred Olen Ray.


¨     Vulnavia #2  Valli Kemp interviewed by Richard Klemensen.


¨     Biederbeck’s River of No Return: Robert Quarry by David DelValle.


¨     Fiona Fatale – Fiona Lewis by David DelValle.



Front Cover by Jeff Preston; Back Cover by Mark Maddox;

Interior covers by Dean Ormston and Paul Watts.


Interior art by: John Cebollero, Lee Copeland, Frank Dietz, Gary Fellows, Dan Gallagher, Murad Gumen,

Justin Humphreys, Mark Maddox, Constantine Nasr,

Shane Ivan Oakley, James O’Barr, Adrian Salmon,

Mike Schneider, Bruce Timm and Neil Vokes


108 pages.


*** This is a reprint of the original issue. ***



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