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by Richard Klemensen

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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #26


Front Cover by Mark Maddox


Back Cover by Bruce Timm


Inside Front Cover by Jim Salvati

Inside Back Cover by Mark Maddox



While 1971 saw 10 films made by Hammer, it was also the death knell of the company as they flooded the market with horror movies.  Yet during that period, they also made some of their better productions – and certainly stood out from the crowd of cheapies that were coming out.  Such as HANDS OF THE RIPPER.  An intelligent, and very violent for its time, film.  Wonderfully acted and directed, and one of the most beautiful looking Hammer was ever to make.  We take you inside the production and the people involved.


Featuring –

¨     “The Making of HANDS OF THE RIPPER” – by Bruce G. Hallenbeck


¨     Interviews with:

·        Angharad Rees (Anna), the star of the movie. Conducted by Alan Wightman.

·        Peter Sasdy (Director) Conducted by David Williams.

·        Jane Merrow (Laura) Conducted by B.P. Dunne.

·        Christopher Gunning (Music Composer) Conducted by Randall Larson.


¨     “Blood on the Floor at Hammer Films” – Michael Carreras remembers 1971.  In conversation with Denis Meikle.


“As Savage as Any Wild Beast – The Ripper Cuts” – by David Taylor.


¨     “The Art of Tom Chantrell” – by Simon Greetham.


¨     “An Inspector Calls … Alan Wheatley” – Career Interview and Article by David Williams.


¨     “Hammer and the Ripper” – by Denis Meikle.


¨     “A History of Horror Film Fanzines” – the story of PHOTON – by Richard Klemensen with Mark Frank.


¨     “An Actor of Imagination” – interview with Freddie Jones.  Conducted by Constantine Nasr.


¨     “Visual Tribute to Ingrid Pitt”


¨     Plus all our regular features – Letters to LSoH – Fanzine and Book Reviews – Viewable Hammer – Hammer News – Hundreds of rare photos.


Front Cover by Mark Maddox.  Back Cover by Bruce Timm.

Interior Covers by Mark Maddox and Jim Salvati.


Original Artwork by: Neil Vokes, Adrian Salmon, Dan Gallagher, Jr., Bruce Timm, Frank Dietz, Shana Bilbrey, Murad Gumen, Shane Ivan Oakley and Mike Schneider.


100 pages.


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