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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #23




Front Cover by Bruce Timm

Back Cover by Mark Maddox



Inside Front by Adrian Salmon

Inside Back by Neil Vokes



When Hammer made four films back-to-back in 1965, at their Thames side Bray Studios, as part of their pact with 20th Century Fox and 7Arts, the two big name productions were DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS and RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK, both starring Christopher Lee.  But over the years THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE, both directed by John Gilling, and sometimes called “the Cornwall Classics (they were set in the British county of Cornwall)”, have become more popular than the lead films.


Featuring –

¨     “The Making of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE” by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  “Gore” Hallenbeck takes you inside the making of these films, filled with inside facts and info from the performers and crew.  Hundreds of rare photos, both scene stills and behind-the-scenes.


¨     Cinemacbre – THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES by Stephen Laws, popular horror novelist.


¨     Saints, Sinner, Rogues and Zombies:  A discussion with John Carson (Squire Hamilton himself) by David Williams.


¨     Hammer’s third Man – Jason Morell talks about his father, Andre Morell.  By John Hamilton.


¨     A Visit to the set of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES by Gary Parfitt.


¨     Interviews with:

§        Jacqueline Pearce by Mike Murphy

§        Michael Ripper by Bruce G. Hallenbeck


¨     Don’t Call Me a Horror Film Director..  The Great John Gilling Interview by Gilbert Verschooten.  In depth career interview with the director of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, THE REPTILE, SHADOW OF THE CAT, THE FLESH AND THE FIEND and many more.  Many rare photos and posters.




¨     10 SECONDS TO HELL  by Denis Meikle.  Takes you behind the scenes and the battles Hammer had with director Robert Aldrich as Hammer attempted to enter the big budget film field.


¨     Konga – Put Me Down!  by David Del Valle.  Wonderful article/interview with one of filmdoms favorite villains and character actors (HORROR OF DRACULA, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and many more).



Interior art by Neil Vokes, Shana Bilbrey, Adrian Salmon, Dan Gallagher Jr, Shane Ivan Oakley, Mike Schneider, Murad Gumen & Bruce Timm.



100 page monster – enamel paper


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