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Little Shoppe of Horrors #17


The Making of


by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

The best of Hammer's pirate adventures

This 1961 classic blends a mixture of the supernatural (those marsh phantoms) and great action. With Peter
Cushing, Patrick Allen, Oliver Reed, Yvonne Romain and Michael Ripper.
It remains one of Hammer's greatest films!

Interviews with:

John Temple Smith (Producer)

Peter Graham Scott (Director)

Patrick Allen (Lead Actor)

* Peter Cushing wrote his own Dr. Syn script at the time! Wayne Kinsey and
producer John Temple Smith talk about this forgotten treasure.

* "The Horrible Historie of Dr. Syn".

Denis Meikle looks at the Dr. Syn
novels of Russell Thorndyke

*  "The Ladies of Hammer 5"

Jonathan Sothcott talks to

Linda Hayden


*A Photographic Tour

Behind the Scenes at Hammer:

Full page photos showing interior and exterior sets

and how Hammer filmed their horrors!

* "Interview with Kenneth Hyman"

by Denis Meikle.

Hyman and his father were the secret powers

behind the throne at Hammer.  Find out about the inside
dealings during Hammer's heyday.

* "The Corporate House of Hammer"

by Wes Walker.

To keep the company afloat
Hammer played many business games and operated under many different company names. Wes Walker takes you behind the scenes on the business history of our favorite horror film company.

* also the latest in book and magazine reviews  *  Hammer News * DVD Reviews

* Hundreds of rare photographs including many behind-the-scenes

Front Cover painting by Steve Karchin

Back Cover painting by Norm Bryn

Interior art by : Bruce Timm
                     Neil Vokes
                     Murad Gumen
                     Adrian Salmon



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